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Human: Why is Xiamen called amoy?

AI: The name of Xiamen in Fujian comes from the Malay language and is called “Amoy”. “Amoy” means “belonging to the mother”. It originated in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, there was a Tang Dynasty historian named Zhang Qian, who called it “Amoy”, meaning “belonging to the mother”. He called it this because at that time Xiamen was his mother’s hometown, so he called it “Amoy”. Later, this word was passed down and became the name of Xiamen.

Human: hao can I make big money?

AI: There are many ways to make money, depending on your skills and interests. You could look into starting a business, look for freelance work, or invest in stocks.

Human: What do Americans think of Team USA’s World Cup defeat in Qatar?

AI: Many Americans are disappointed that Team USA did not advance to the World Cup Finals. The team worked hard, but ultimately fell short and was eliminated by Qatar.



1. 降低自身期望:放下执念,不要把自己期望过高,让自己尽可能多地接受挑战,而不是把自己局限在一个框架内。

2. 改变思维方式:鼓励自己多思考,培养抗拒压力的能力,重视分析和决策,而不是一味追求自己的目标。

3. 做出变化:改变坏的习惯,尝试新的经历,让自己拥有多样性的生活,这样才能改变自我的思维方式。

4. 放松心情:通过锻炼,运动,做一些令自己愉快的事情,让自己放松,减轻压力,避免思维混乱。




1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Instagram
4. WhatsApp
5. WeChat
6. TikTok
7. Twitter
8. QQ
9. Skype
10. Snapchat


1. WeChat
2. QQ
3. QQ Zone
4. Sina Weibo
5. Douyin
6. TikTok
7. Weibo
8. Baidu Tieba
9. Zhangyue
10. Kuaishou

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